At Pornwizz, we have decided to keep it simple for you. We are using your existing social logging to log you into our system! No need to remember another password or getting emails from us. Once you have logged in you will be able to add cams or pornstars to your favourites.

Check out our FAQ page to find out more about the login process and how to use properly your personal page.
Once logged you will access your personal page where we will keep you informed of any contents or any latest tweets as soon as our system is receiving them. So be ready, transform and personalise Pornwizz to be your adult content provider.
As you can see from this preview, the personal page has two main areas:
  • Cam Models
  • Pornstars

When you browse our website, and you stumble upon a cam performer or a pornstar that you want to follow, click on the little heart on the page. Once the heart is full of love (fully orange), it means that this star is now part of your favourites.

You can access your personal page using the link in the menu at the top of your screen. You can find it also in the footer of the page. On your page, you can then follow your favourites and view their latest media tweets or in the case of pornstars their latest videos.

No need to follow each star individually! You can use your page at a one-stop place for your porn needs, and you will always stay on top. You just have to keep an eye on any flashing icons on the page to navigate your way to the latest exciting contents of your favourite pornstars or cam models.

Preview of a Personal Page