Alana Play's facts

Date of birth: 1984-02-10

Birthplace: United States of America

Ethnicity: ebony

Gender: female

AKA (also known as): Alana, Britney Smith

tattoos: On her ass; top of lower left arm

piercings: Ears

hair color: black

Height and Weight: 5 ft 9 in (175 cm)   130 lbs (59 kg)

measurements: 32E-24-35

Ranking: 11045

Years active as performer: 2005 - 2008

Number of movies: 12

Alana Play biography and pornstar profile

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She is a native of the United States, and even there, in the legendary land of big booties and double penetration, she proves that it’s not all bubble buttholes and titfuck fantasies when you get a glimpse of her great behind. If you want a fun, energetic and super hot American chick who’s ready to have some fun, then get ready to have some fun with Alana Play; she is one of those rare chicks who can really get down and dirty while still holding her own apart from the crowd.

Finally, she’s got an amazing ebony ass on her that makes you want to make a beeline for the exits, asap, when you’re vibing so hard to her superbly enhanced tits that you need a breather, an ice pick, and maybe even a fresh beverage to keep from passing out from lack of blood flow. She is a tattoo ( on her ass; top of lower left arm ) artist who has done it all: runway look, classic adornment, extreme close-ups – you name it.

She does have one piercings ( ears ) that you might find interesting. She’s got great proportions with a sweet, innocent look in her brown eyes.

Though she’s not exactly a natural raven-haired, she managed to hone her natural assets to such an extreme degree that those freakish ones that abound in her vicinity today are a mere by-product. She is a pure tease of a fuck doll, and you can see her for yourself in all of her perverse fuck glory.

Nothing gets this girl off faster than a soaking wet, tit fuck, and she doesn’t stop there.

That said, she does feel lucky sometimes, since she is still a girl who likes to be needed and helped.

Her sexy figure is all natural—nothing too intense, but still worth watching. She has starred in over 23 XXX films such as Babys Mommas, Big Black Wet Tits 1 and Black Cherry 5, with some of the top adult networks, including: 1st Strike, Candy Shop and Evasive Angles.

Alana Play has had sex on camera with such pornstars as: Beauty Dior, Carmen Hayes and Lola Lane. Her male co-stars include: alec knight.

Categories of her that she has graced include: strap on, solo, orgasm, blowjob, cumshot and licking.

Her tits are 32E, and they’re so big that when she’s wearing them high, they appear to be two separate things.

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