Alani Pi's facts

Birthplace: United States of America

Ethnicity: white

Gender: female

hair color: Blond

Height and Weight: 5 ft 6 in (168 cm)   115 lbs (52 kg)

measurements: 32B-26-36

Ranking: 9054

Years active as performer: 2011-2016

Number of movies: 16

Alani Pi biography and pornstar profile

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She has starred in over 4 XXX films such as Boi On Boi, Latex Lesbians and MILFshakes, with some of the top adult networks, including: Filly Films, and Mile High.

Alani Pi has had sex on camera with such pornstars as: Penny Barber, Pepper Pew and Elise Graves.

Her male co-stars include: Hank Hightower, Jakub Jelinek and Paulo Para. Many of her film credits include milf, latina, orgasm, fingering, anal and teen.

Her waist is 26-inch, and her ass is 36-inch, so she has nice curves all over.

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