Alena LamLam's facts

Date of birth: 1987-04-28

Birthplace: Moscow, Russia

Ethnicity: white

Gender: female

tattoos: Yes

piercings: Yes

hair color: Blond

Height and Weight: 5 ft 4 in (163 cm)   106 lbs (48 kg)

measurements: 34B-25-35

Ranking: 2102

Number of movies: 104

Alena LamLam biography and pornstar profile

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She is 5 ft 4 in (163 cm) tall and has great tits and a tight waist. Her waist, however, is only 25-inch, so she’s only slightly petite.

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She is a native of the Russian Federation, and even there, in the land of her birth, she could make any guy go blind.

She’s got that innocent white look that comes from knowing that her innocent looks will soon be used up, and that her youthful nature will one day be used up, too. She’s got some really sexy tattoos ( yes ) throughout her body. She does have one piercings ( yes ) .

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Other talents and habits she has included: pov, blowjob, blonde, big dick, russian and cumshot.

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