Alex Ryan's facts

Date of birth: 1989-04-13

Birthplace: United States of America

Ethnicity: white

Gender: female

AKA (also known as): Alex Ryan

tattoos: Right side of mons; Right side of back

piercings: Navel

hair color: black

Height and Weight: 5 ft 4 in (163 cm)   121 lbs (55 kg)

measurements: 34B-26-36

Ranking: 12551

Years active as performer: 2011-2013 (Started around 22 years old)

Number of movies: 7

Alex Ryan biography and pornstar profile

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She has starred in over 6 XXX films such as Cock Sucking Challenge 11, Facial Cum Catchers 18 and Facial Cum Catchers 20, with some of the top adult networks, including: Overboard Video, Pure Play Media and Reality Kings.

Alex Ryan has had sex on camera with such pornstars as: Africa Sexxx, kelly stafford and Monique Alexander. Her male co-stars include: N/A.

Genres she has filmed include: big dick, creampie, tattooed, anal, party and squirt.

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