Alexandra Belle's facts

Date of birth: 1980-02-27

Birthplace: Quebec, Canada

Ethnicity: white

Gender: female

AKA (also known as): Alexandra, Alex (fetish pays me)

hair color: brown

Height and Weight: 5 ft 6 in (168 cm)   110 lbs (50 kg)

measurements: 32B-24-36

Ranking: 8931

Years active as performer: 2004-2016

Number of movies: 29

Alexandra Belle biography and pornstar profile

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She’s a natural beauty with 32B tits.

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She has starred in over 24 XXX films such as Amateur Anal Attempts 6, Amateur West Coast Canadians and Attack of the CFNM 3, with some of the top adult networks, including: Abigail Productions, FM Concepts and Homegrown Video.

Alexandra Belle has had sex on camera with such pornstars as: Diamond Jackson, Katie Lane and Mia Khalifa.

Her male co-stars include: Lance Strong. She has included scenes involving amateur, milf, toys, orgasm, striptease and teen. She is from Canada, which is famous for its wide selection of gorgeous American babes.

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