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Date of birth: 1996-02-11

Ethnicity: Latina

Gender: female

tattoos: Yes

hair color: black

Height and Weight: 5 ft 3 in (160 cm)   73 lbs (33 kg)

measurements: 31A-27-39

Ranking: 9672

Number of movies: 7

Alice Tyler biography and pornstar profile

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This black-haired playmate has the devil in her smoky eyes and her smooth skin and perfect tits.

She’s a petite girl who weighs 73 lbs (33 kg) pounds. She is 5 ft 3 in (160 cm). She is tall with long legs and a cute 27-inch waist.

It’s not just her ass that makes you sweat an assload; she’s got a fantastic pair of perky little 31A tits that say ‘i’m hot, and i’m worth watching’ over every inch of flesh. A booty like that might not be a big deal for most girls, but it is for her! Her 39-inch butt is bigger than her waist, giving her that very desirable hourglass figure.

When she gets on all fours and arches her back down, with her Latina ass up in the air, you could trace that white lace-effect bush all the way from her to her toes.

She is a tattoo ( yes ) artist who has done it all: runway look, classic adornment, extreme close-ups – you name it. When she’s done fucking other chicks, she has also proved herself a miracle worker. Sometimes she sports a natural rack, sometimes she keeps it tight, but her tits are always perfect.

Some of her favorite genres include: anal and orgasm.

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